Tuesday, 6 January 2009

David Lynch essay

Here's a link to an essay about Psychological Horror in the Films of David Lynch.

David Lynch Mullholland DriveThe aim of the essay is, "to investigate the links between psychology, as presented by Sigmund Freud in his essay The 'Uncanny' (1919) and Carl G. Jung in his book Man and His Symbols (1979), and the imagery and tension created by David Lynch in his films."

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Cait Davis said...

The essay has interesting points, but I found myself distracted by the dates used for the publications by Jung and Freud and the assertion that they were written "in different eras". Though Freud was older than Jung, Jung and Freud worked directly together for many years and Jung died in 1961. Man and His Symbols was edited and presided over by Marie-louise von Franz and released after Jung's death. There are a great deal of complications regarding the relationship between Jun and Freud. I think it's important for the writer to have a little more background of these two central figures in this analytic essay.